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Is there a daily or weekly minimum number of hours that must be agreed upon ?2018-12-10T13:11:24+00:00

1st Home Care Solutions has a minimum 2-3 hour requirement for our services. Under the registry model, the client is the employer and determines the schedule that is convenient for them. The client can determine how many days a week and how many hours the caregiver is desired. Additionally, the client can choose to utilize caregivers routinely or as needed. Of course, there is a greater likelihood of finding a quality caregiver by providing work at least 2-3 hours a day and 15 hours a week.

Does the client pay the caregiver ?2018-12-10T13:11:59+00:00

No, the client will not be paying the caregiver directly. 1st Home Care Solutions works with a payroll processor that will assist clients in automating payments and alleviating financial challenges when it comes to paying caregivers. An invoice is generated by the payroll processor based on the hours recorded by the processors telephone time-sheet recording system. The payroll processor will bill the client directly for the hours worked and submit payment to the caregiver and a referral fee to us. By utilizing a payroll processor we ease the burden of our clients to satisfy all annual tax requirements for the state and IRS.

What type of services does 1st Home Care Solutions provide ?2018-12-10T13:08:22+00:00

Hiring a private caregiver provides you the opportunity to decide what type of service you would like completed. A private caregiver can provide services such as companionship, transport clients to doctors appointments or social outings, prepare and cook meals, assist with grooming and personal care, laundry, light housekeeping, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and reminding the client to take their medication. These services are intended to assist our clients to stay at home.

How does a client start services with 1st Home Care Solutions ?2020-10-26T23:41:31+00:00

Contact our office and we will match the client with one of our caregivers that have the skills, and scheduled availability to meet the client needs. Upon selection of a caregiver we will assist in formalizing the agreement between the client and the caregiver.

How does a client select a caregiver ?2018-12-10T13:09:23+00:00

The caregivers have registered and been vetted by our company prior to being included among our caregiver portfolio. Once the client has identified one or more caregivers that are of interest, we will work with you and the caregiver to ensure all contractual relationships are in place and service can begin.

Can the client have a say in determining the care provided?2018-12-10T13:10:34+00:00

Yes. Since the client is in full control. They are able to coordinate activities and schedules that meet their needs.

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